The Bard has left the building…

The Bard of Bucks New University Library has said his farewells and taken well-deserved retirement from shelving books and helping students.

We will miss him greatly, but hope he continues to send his ditties to keep us all amused and perk up our publicity!

Farewell Clive – best you come and visit us soon!


It’s not just about books for our librarians…

Rebecca, so fair of countenance,

you might have knitted matching vest and pants

to raffle for charity,

or, with the utmost clarity,

baked a darling cake

adorned with kittens and an Easter bunny

and jam and icing and manuka honey.

But instead you choose to frolic in mud,

‘orrible brown muck which dries into crud

and gets into orifices, oooh I say Mrs!

“Yuk! But good luck,” I say unto thee Miss Rebecca

on your future plans to swim to Mecca.


Clive, poet-in-residence, writing about Rebecca, who is taking part in a muddy obstacle race for charity tomorrow. Wish her luck!

The Bard of Bucks New University Libraries on Dots

We’re a curious breed, us Librarians, as we stick different coloured dots and labels to library books that mean little or nothing to the borrower. They do have a purpose, honest! Read on for another amusing poem from our resident Bard in the Library:

The Blue Dot

If you take a quick look at the spine of your book,

You may spot a blue dot, then again, you may not.

If you do, don’t ignore, keep your feet on the floor,

If you feel you should kneel, put your weight on one heel.

Soon the book will unbind and the spine will unwind,

The blue dot will unclot and you’ll know what is what.

Then you can relax.

738s spines


The Bard of Bucks New University Libraries is Back …!


The sun is shining, it’s the start of a new academic year and our resident Bard is back after the summer vacation. So if you are overloaded with information at the moment, finding all the newness a bit much, take a moment out to reflect awhile. Here is Clive’s latest and enjoy every line …

Easy Does It

I seldom go rambling, I much prefer ambling.

To just stand and stare at whatever’s there.

To sit on a wall and do nothing at all.

To hail a duck and to ask, “How’s your luck?”

To not really care if I’m here or I’m there.

To juggle with words as I listen to birds.

To voice my own witticisms and not suffer criticism.

To sing my own song as I dawdle along.

But to dream as I drift is the most precious gift.

The Bard of Bucks New University Libraries

Even though our Bard of Bucks New University Libraries is on summer vacation, Clive is keeping us and you all entertained with his poems! Thanks, Clive, and here is his latest for you all to enjoy …

Laura heard Thora Hird for a third time in a row,

Rita took Peter Cook to meet a crook in Saville Row,

Martin saw Martin Shaw departin’ for a west end show.

Simon or Garfunkel?

Boil or carbuncle?

Great Aunt or half-uncle?

Well I don’t flamin’ know!

Book and Beach(1)

The Bard of Bucks New Uni Libraries

Here’s the latest from Clive, our resident bard in the library. Take a moment out of your busy lives to reflect a while …

Steps in Time 

Always I am in the present, yet the last step I took was in the past.

The next will be in the future, then the present, then the past.

I didn’t sense the passage of time, yet this has been going on all my life.

Step after step, year after year.

Always I live in the present, the past and the future.

The Bard of Bucks New Uni Libraries

How libraries have changed! A reflective poem to cheer us up at the start of the week from Clive, our resident bard in the library …

Dear students,

It’s so good to see you at home in the library, without our having to resort to bribery.

There once was a time when we had just one book and thousands queued up just to have a quick look.

We paid everyone a bagful of groats, and for no charge at all we dry-cleaned their coats.

Clean outer garments with nothing to pay, and a squint at a volume, Ah! those were the days!

Yours literally Clive W.