Suggest a Book – Your Great Suggestions!

The Library’s Suggest a Book service has now finished for this academic year. It has been great receiving your book title suggestions which we have then purchased for you to use and support your studies here at Bucks.

Your suggestions have been fantastic and here are just a few of them.


Thank you for making use of this service from the Library. We hope to offer this service to you again in the new academic year. Please check on Blackboard and our Library web pages for when it is available. Or if you have any more great book suggestions in the meantime, get in touch! Enjoy the great titles you have chosen!


How to borrow books using the self issue machines

Bruce the badger using self issue unit

Use the touchscreen to select ‘check out’ – you can see I need a human’s help to reach it!

Bruce the badger scanning ID card

Place your ID card on the reader next to the touchscreen – I have to be creative getting my card up to the scanner!

information screen telling students to place books on square on self issue unit.

You can place up to 3 books at a time on the self issue – its very clever.

library books on self issue scanner

The scanner underneath the square will read the books and put them on your account.

Bruce the badger and library books

All done? Move the books away from the scanner and select what receipt you’d like – I always get mine emailed to save the woods where I’m from!

The Bucks Library Welcome

Hello newbies! And welcome to Bucks New University libraries.the bucks wecome balloon

Whether you are based at High Wycombe or Uxbridge, we are here for your studying, researching and printing needs.

At High Wycombe you’ll find the library in The Gateway (that big blue shiny building with lots of interesting sticky out corners) and at Uxbridge you’ll find us on the 1st floor just along from Pulse Cafe.

Now, we have a couple of rules at the libraries we ask that you abide by – for the good of everyone.

  • Please no food in either library, and at High Wycombe no hot drinks. Its gross and sticky and if you knew how many germs there were on the books and keyboards? You wouldn’t DREAM of eating at your desk ever again!
  • Please respect your fellow students and keep all noise to a minimum. There are study rooms you can book out via My Timetable if you need to have discussions, otherwise try and keep the louder chat for the pub!

If you get stuck finding your books, need some help with the catalogue or how to use the library please just ask – we’re not scary I promise.

If you have trouble with computing or printing the IT team are also available to help, either on the phone on in person at their service desk on the 2nd floor of The Gateway or in the office at Uxbridge inside the library.

Congratulations on getting here, we hope you have a wonderful time at Bucks and please don’t hesitate to ask us the silliest (library) questions you have never dared ask before, it won’t be the first time we’ve been asked!