Get the Library App! Your Library at Your Fingertips!

Need to know when the libraries are open?  How to book a study room? Who to contact in the Library? … Then the new Library app is for you!


Access your Reading Lists, see a selection of new books the Library has bought for you, use quick links to Blackboard, LibrarySearch and your Library account to see your loans. Your Library at your fingertips!


Help Us Design a Library App for You!

The Library would like to make it even better and easier for Bucks students to access the resources, services and facilities we offer you.  Help us design a Library app that will do this for you!

Please complete our short survey. Your views matter to us. Your Library, Your Say.


Bookmyne – your library on the go!

Do you use your mobile phone to look up books when you wander the shelves in the libraries? Take a picture of the computer screen before going on the hunt? We know LibrarySearch doesn’t like mobile interfaces much and taking photos of computers is never ideal, but we have a solution!

Bookmyne is a great app that will make searching for books or looking at your library record SO much easier on your phone.

You can get the app on Google Play or through iTunes App store. We even have a web page with instructions on what to do:

So there we go, a simple and free app that will make your book searches that much easier.