It’s not just about books for our librarians…

Rebecca, so fair of countenance,

you might have knitted matching vest and pants

to raffle for charity,

or, with the utmost clarity,

baked a darling cake

adorned with kittens and an Easter bunny

and jam and icing and manuka honey.

But instead you choose to frolic in mud,

‘orrible brown muck which dries into crud

and gets into orifices, oooh I say Mrs!

“Yuk! But good luck,” I say unto thee Miss Rebecca

on your future plans to swim to Mecca.


Clive, poet-in-residence, writing about Rebecca, who is taking part in a muddy obstacle race for charity tomorrow. Wish her luck!


Library Fines to Local Charities During Graduation

A HUGE THANK YOU! to our graduating students. You have raised an amazing ¬£1330.28 just by paying your library fines this week! Every penny is going to 2 local charities chosen by Bucks Student Union through raise and give. You have 1 more day to raise this amount even higher knowing that it’s all going to good causes as you start off on your amazing futures.

Graduation Fines

Raising money at Bucks New Uni : Blood Bikes

Now the University is no stranger to raising money for a good cause – be it the Student Union and their Good Deeds or the library donating fine money during RAG week. So we wanted to let you know about one of our staff who is getting ready to face his biggest fear in order to raise money for a worthy cause.

Steve Dewhurst, Director of Strategic Development and Planning here at Bucks, is raising money for Blood Bikes, a volunteer run agency that uses motorbikes to get urgently needed medical items (such as blood or scans) to hospitals in the Bucks area.

Steve will be abseiling 400ft(!) down the Northampton Lift Tower in July in the hope the money he raises will help to replace the aging motorbikes in the Blood Bikes fleet.

Best of luck Steve – we’ll stick to donating fines money!

To find out more about Blood Bikes click this link:

If you’d like to make a donation click here: