Library staff help row 125km

Staff from the Library Team took part in the challenge to row 125km. More than 200 students and staff from the University and Gateway Gym members stretched muscles and pulled on the oars to reach this amazing target. Well done!

This was just one of the many “125 themed” challenges that Bucks New University has been running to commemorate its 125 years milestone.





A view from the bridge

It’s fascinating watching people walk past the Operating Department Practitioner display in High Wycombe (opposite the Gateway) – if you’ve not taken a stroll past I wonder if you will be like this gentleman who just HAD to know what was going on !

The art of speed reading

Whether you are in your first, second, final or post-graduate year chances are the thought of having to read endless books and articles is overwhelming your brain right about now.

I have a solution.

OK maybe not a solution but it will definitely help.


Did I lose you? OK I will explain.

You may have seen this advert on the television or when you’ve gone to the movies or even been watching endless funny videos on YouTube:

Did you keep up? Brilliant! Then you will be able to use this website with total ease

It’s called Spreeder and its designed to help you read large amounts of text quickly and efficiently, without you feeling like you have a mountain to climb.

Instead you will reach the end of a document quicker than you thought you ever could, only ever seeing one word on the screen at a time.

Give it a go and let me know if it helps. You can even put this blog post in!


Have you met Bruce?

You know, the badger who suddenly seems more popular on Social Media than the library ever was?


Well, its actually thanks to the lovely folk in the library that we have Bruce, as he is a sponsored Badger. Librarians are endangered folk themselves so the team decided to start helping those animals who can’t quite speak up for themselves, unlike our rowdy librarians.

Bruce has been having adventures right here in the library and elsewhere, managing to sneak himself into the luggage of the librarians taking their well deserved summer holidays. You can catch up with his adventures on Instagram as buckslib_badger and Twitter as @BuckslibBadger.

You will see Bruce popping up across library publicity and you may even spot him out and about in the University.

Want a Selfie with Bruce? Just ask! He loves the attention so tweet him @BuckslibBadger and he will let you know if he’s around for a snap!

How to borrow books using the self issue machines

Bruce the badger using self issue unit

Use the touchscreen to select ‘check out’ – you can see I need a human’s help to reach it!

Bruce the badger scanning ID card

Place your ID card on the reader next to the touchscreen – I have to be creative getting my card up to the scanner!

information screen telling students to place books on square on self issue unit.

You can place up to 3 books at a time on the self issue – its very clever.

library books on self issue scanner

The scanner underneath the square will read the books and put them on your account.

Bruce the badger and library books

All done? Move the books away from the scanner and select what receipt you’d like – I always get mine emailed to save the woods where I’m from!

The Bard of Bucks New University Libraries is Back …!


The sun is shining, it’s the start of a new academic year and our resident Bard is back after the summer vacation. So if you are overloaded with information at the moment, finding all the newness a bit much, take a moment out to reflect awhile. Here is Clive’s latest and enjoy every line …

Easy Does It

I seldom go rambling, I much prefer ambling.

To just stand and stare at whatever’s there.

To sit on a wall and do nothing at all.

To hail a duck and to ask, “How’s your luck?”

To not really care if I’m here or I’m there.

To juggle with words as I listen to birds.

To voice my own witticisms and not suffer criticism.

To sing my own song as I dawdle along.

But to dream as I drift is the most precious gift.