Suggest a Book – Your Great Suggestions!

The Library’s Suggest a Book service has now finished for this academic year. It has been great receiving your book title suggestions which we have then purchased for you to use and support your studies here at Bucks.

Your suggestions have been fantastic and here are just a few of them.


Thank you for making use of this service from the Library. We hope to offer this service to you again in the new academic year. Please check on Blackboard and our Library web pages for when it is available. Or if you have any more great book suggestions in the meantime, get in touch! Enjoy the great titles you have chosen!


Library services used … thanks for telling us!

Thanks for taking the time to tell us which library services you have used. This really helps us ensure our library services remain student-focused. It also tells us where we may need to do further publicity and promotion to raise awareness to ensure our students maximize all library services available to them.

Library Services Used - Final

Over 32% of our respondents have used laptop loans and you are already telling us that you would like more laptops. Great feedback, thanks!

That’s great you are using your Digital Reading Lists to access essential and recommended texts for your course. Thanks for using our Library App and hope you find it a really useful way to have key library information at your fingertips.

Did you know you can choose books and the Library pays! Make sure you use our Student-Led Purchasing scheme to do this. Remember you can also request books and journals on inter-library loan if we don’t already have them in our libraries.

Just a reminder that you can always get assistance with library enquiries by using our Ask a Librarian service. Help when you need it!

Your feedback is really important to us. Tell us and make a difference!

Your Library, Your Say

If you left us your feedback about printers and Apple Macs on the graffiti whiteboard in the High Wycombe Library … thank you very much! Here are our responses to your great feedback.

You wanted to see more Apple Macs … there are 126 Apple Mac computers available across the High Wycombe campus. So the ones you see in the High Wycombe Library are just the tip of the iceberg! Check the Open Access IT Facilities locations

IT Printer and MAC locations

You wanted more working printers … Open Access IT Facilities locations will tell you where to find other nearby printers. We are also improving signage by printers to help you locate other printers to use should the one you are by be temporarily unavailable. Lesser used printers are being moved to busier areas of the Library to improve working efficiency. We are also involving a wider number of staff able to monitor and maintain printers which we hope will improve your experience when using printers on campus.

Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us and make a difference!

Print v Electronic – Which do You Prefer?

Thank you to all the students who told us whether they prefer print versions of books, journals and leaflets or the electronic equivalent. You have given us a really useful insight into how you prefer to access our resources and information!

Final - Print v Electronic


So … we won’t be ditching print versions of our books, journals and leaflets! Overall, 60% of you prefer accessing resources and information this way. With 40% preferring the electronic versions, we will continue to provide you with both formats where possible. The biggest difference in preference was between the printed book and e-book version with 64% preferring to read from a physical book and only 36% preferring to consult the e-book.

Of course, this is only a snapshot of opinion but we appreciate that you have preferences and will continue to consider them when providing you with resources and information. If you have any more feedback to share please tell us. Your Library, your say.


Your Library, Your Say

Did you leave us feedback on our graffiti board in the Library? Thank you, your feedback on our Library services, facilities and learning resources is very important to us. Here are our responses to your great feedback.

You wanted newer and more books for psychology / CBT and nursing … These are just a few of the new titles the Library has bought for students to borrow. More are on their way, please check LibrarySearch for availability.

Nursing Books - Book covers                                Psychology Books - Book covers

You wanted more policing books and film / TV books relevant to your course…Tell your tutors to contact our Subject Librarians to order the books required for your courses. You can also use our Student-Led Purchasing Scheme to ask us to buy books you need.

Books in alphabetical order, make books easier to find!  … our books are shelved using Dewey classification. Use our Finding Books at High Wycombe Library and Finding Books at Uxbridge Library guides to help you. These are also available in the Library Organisation in Blackboard

Furniture and rooms in the Library … we have tables on all floors, there are some comfier chairs on the 4th floor and sofas around the Library. Tell us where you would like the red sofas moved to! More rooms … tell us the type of rooms you would like.

Tea, coffee and snacks … we allow lidded hot drinks in the Library and cold snacks. Other places where you can get refreshments around campus – Rusty’s, Beats, The Lounge and vending machines.

More CCTV … the Library is well monitored. Please tell us where you think it isn’t. Air conditioning … the High Wycombe Library is temperature controlled to 20 degrees celsius with filtered fresh air. Compare a new and used air filter … We save you from breathing in all this pollution when you are in the Library:

Air Filters

We also recover 80% of the energy required to heat ( or cool ) the building so it’s extremely energy efficient!

Parking at High Wycombe campus … is available for Blue Badge holders. There are public car parks and a park and ride scheme in operation. See here for details.

Help guides … the Library has numerous guides to help you use our learning resources and make the most of your Library. Print guides are available to pick up in the Library and they are available in the Library organisation on Blackboard.

Bruce with leaflets

Uxbridge Library may be smaller but has an excellent collection of focussed resources for nursing and health-related courses. Students based at Uxbridge campus can also make use of High Wycombe Library. Our electronic resources are available anywhere 24/7. Longer opening times for Uxbridge Library … there are currently no plans for extending the opening hours and students can use High Wycombe Library which is open 24/7 during term-time.

Need a spell checker … Word and Excel have one in the Review tab.

Time left on laptop loans … thanks for this great idea! We will see if this is possible. We’re replacing laptops at High Wycombe and Uxbridge libraries in the next 12 months.

Our current opening times are listed here. Library web pages to be more visible … we are listed in the Most Popular Pages section

The Library is too noisy! … We aim to increase staff presence to monitor noise levels in the quiet and silent study areas. If the Library gets too noisy contact and staff will respond. Look out for the noise absorbing wall in the 3rd floor quiet study area which is coming soon.

Bigger TV for viewing videos … sorry that we no longer have a TV in the Library to view videos. The 100+ videos we still have in our collection can be borrowed and viewed on equipment away from the Library.

We love that you find the Library user -friendly! Please keep giving us feedback and #GETINVOLVED with your Library.

Fantastic Comment



Bruce – my big adventure in China

Bruce the Badger reporting from China:

I know I have been quiet recently but I am absolutely fine. In fact I am so thrilled with the wonderful things I have done and seen in the time I have been here that the urge to give you an update is very compelling.

My human minder planned a two-day city break with a visit to the famous Qianshan National Park also referred to as ‘The Northeast Pearl’. Feeling a certain amount of trepidation, I packed my bag and I tagged along to Anshan city – China’s capital of iron and steel, where my human met two friends from university on a catch up visit.

It got off to a great start as with my ticket clutched tightly in my paw, I got the chance to experience my first scenic high speed train journey from my human’s home town of Shenyang to Qianshan National Park. It was a breathtaking 20 minute ride reaching an amazing 305km/h (over 189 mph). My snout was constantly pressed to the window of the train trying to catch a glimpse of the view. Really all I can remember is a blur… but I was quite proud of myself as I didn’t even have time to feel scared.

On Friday it was time to tour the fantastic Qianshan National Park. As cars aren’t allowed anywhere in the park, tourists hire electric carts to reach some of the way up the mountains and then walk the rest on foot, or for more adventurous types like me simply climb the steep paved foot paths to the top which I did on my own (Hmm…really I had to rely on the help of my most lovely human and her friends as it was quite tiring and I needed a quiet sleep from time to time). I found it all quite thrilling being able to see amazing temples, pagodas and shrines. There were many breaks along the way to appreciate the outstanding scenery while leaning over the metal railings … Ooh! we were so high up and all the while being surrounded by masses of fragrant pine trees, some over 100 years old. I distinctly remember a really good cup of tea, long enough to get my breath back – a cosy sit down and rest.

Qianshan National Park was really an incredible experience. My human translated the story of the mountains to me. Legend has it that a long time ago the 4 corners of the sky collapsed and in an attempt to save the earth people, a goddess plugged the holes with huge rocks but one smashed into 1000 peaks covering the forests in the shape of a lotus flower which gives it its name of Thousand Lotus Flower Mountains.

I think I spent 6 hours climbing the mountains that day and after 6 hours of climbing I was truly ready for my bed and sleep after my big adventure.

Time flies so fast. My human minder has just reminded me that I only have a few days left of my stay here in China as her visit with her mum and sisters is coming to an end but there is still time to meet my human’s very best friends from school, one arrived last night from Belgium. I am really looking forward to their visit and to hear their exciting news. They are bound to make a fuss of me too.

Qianshan National Park




Bruce – my first week in China

I have been here in Shenyang a week now and the weather is very hot – a scorching 30 degrees today, Monday 5th June. Not my normal habitat but I am slowly getting used to the life of a jet-setter. My human minder loves it and is having a wonderful time, and so am I, tagging along wherever she goes. I can’t pass up on the chance to explore this huge country, so I sneak in her luggage whenever possible.

That’s how I ended up going to Ningbo with my human minder last Friday just for the weekend. It was even hotter and more humid than her home town. It was a catch up visit for my human minder who organised to meet up with colleagues she used to work with at the university there. It was such a delight to be out and about in a different campus. It felt very familiar territory albeit in a more exotic setting.

The first combined photo gives you a taste of some of the things I got up to in Ningbo. The new canteen at the university where I had lunch, the shopping mall where I had an evening meal and dessert (as well as a very nice, and refreshing ice cream…..), and of course the library.

The second combined photo of my human and her good friends (all ex-colleagues) shows them together smiling and sending greetings to all at Bucks New University Library. The photo came about because all day Saturday I had been making friends with a white toy rabbit (also in the photo) when suddenly I noticed this hat with floppy ears. I convinced my human minder and her friends to be good sports and have a photo shoot with each one wearing it in turn. They happily complied and amid much hilarity and laughter I got them all to say “Cheese”.

I am signing off and hope to have more badgery news for you soon.


Friends in Ningbo - rabbits hats