Bruce – my big adventure in China

Bruce the Badger reporting from China:

I know I have been quiet recently but I am absolutely fine. In fact I am so thrilled with the wonderful things I have done and seen in the time I have been here that the urge to give you an update is very compelling.

My human minder planned a two-day city break with a visit to the famous Qianshan National Park also referred to as ‘The Northeast Pearl’. Feeling a certain amount of trepidation, I packed my bag and I tagged along to Anshan city – China’s capital of iron and steel, where my human met two friends from university on a catch up visit.

It got off to a great start as with my ticket clutched tightly in my paw, I got the chance to experience my first scenic high speed train journey from my human’s home town of Shenyang to Qianshan National Park. It was a breathtaking 20 minute ride reaching an amazing 305km/h (over 189 mph). My snout was constantly pressed to the window of the train trying to catch a glimpse of the view. Really all I can remember is a blur… but I was quite proud of myself as I didn’t even have time to feel scared.

On Friday it was time to tour the fantastic Qianshan National Park. As cars aren’t allowed anywhere in the park, tourists hire electric carts to reach some of the way up the mountains and then walk the rest on foot, or for more adventurous types like me simply climb the steep paved foot paths to the top which I did on my own (Hmm…really I had to rely on the help of my most lovely human and her friends as it was quite tiring and I needed a quiet sleep from time to time). I found it all quite thrilling being able to see amazing temples, pagodas and shrines. There were many breaks along the way to appreciate the outstanding scenery while leaning over the metal railings … Ooh! we were so high up and all the while being surrounded by masses of fragrant pine trees, some over 100 years old. I distinctly remember a really good cup of tea, long enough to get my breath back – a cosy sit down and rest.

Qianshan National Park was really an incredible experience. My human translated the story of the mountains to me. Legend has it that a long time ago the 4 corners of the sky collapsed and in an attempt to save the earth people, a goddess plugged the holes with huge rocks but one smashed into 1000 peaks covering the forests in the shape of a lotus flower which gives it its name of Thousand Lotus Flower Mountains.

I think I spent 6 hours climbing the mountains that day and after 6 hours of climbing I was truly ready for my bed and sleep after my big adventure.

Time flies so fast. My human minder has just reminded me that I only have a few days left of my stay here in China as her visit with her mum and sisters is coming to an end but there is still time to meet my human’s very best friends from school, one arrived last night from Belgium. I am really looking forward to their visit and to hear their exciting news. They are bound to make a fuss of me too.

Qianshan National Park





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