Bruce – my first week in China

I have been here in Shenyang a week now and the weather is very hot – a scorching 30 degrees today, Monday 5th June. Not my normal habitat but I am slowly getting used to the life of a jet-setter. My human minder loves it and is having a wonderful time, and so am I, tagging along wherever she goes. I can’t pass up on the chance to explore this huge country, so I sneak in her luggage whenever possible.

That’s how I ended up going to Ningbo with my human minder last Friday just for the weekend. It was even hotter and more humid than her home town. It was a catch up visit for my human minder who organised to meet up with colleagues she used to work with at the university there. It was such a delight to be out and about in a different campus. It felt very familiar territory albeit in a more exotic setting.

The first combined photo gives you a taste of some of the things I got up to in Ningbo. The new canteen at the university where I had lunch, the shopping mall where I had an evening meal and dessert (as well as a very nice, and refreshing ice cream…..), and of course the library.

The second combined photo of my human and her good friends (all ex-colleagues) shows them together smiling and sending greetings to all at Bucks New University Library. The photo came about because all day Saturday I had been making friends with a white toy rabbit (also in the photo) when suddenly I noticed this hat with floppy ears. I convinced my human minder and her friends to be good sports and have a photo shoot with each one wearing it in turn. They happily complied and amid much hilarity and laughter I got them all to say “Cheese”.

I am signing off and hope to have more badgery news for you soon.


Friends in Ningbo - rabbits hats


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