Bruce – a journey to China

Oh this is so exciting! As promised – a log of my very exotic holiday by Bruce The Badger.

Friday  – Early start from Heathrow – Passport √  Ticket √ Bag √  all set to go.

Short flight to Schiphol airport where I have a chance to stretch my legs by clambering up a fancy porcelain teacup handle – what no tea!

A longer flight to China, definitely time to catch up on much needed sleep zzzzzzzz.

Saturday – Oh, nearly there – Beijing. It’s very humid and warm.  Busy busy, rush rush only enough time for my human to collect luggage and check in for her flight to her hometown Shenyang….. she doesn’t have much spare time to show me around, not even an ice cream! Sorry no time for a photoshoot either.

Here’s a photo of me taken on the flight from Beijing to my human’s hometown of Shenyang in north-east China. It looks a really comfortable and relaxing seat.

Finally I am safely home in Shenyang. Phew! Very warm here, 31 degree and a bit jet lagged. So is my human minder but she’s delighted to be home and reunited with her  family just in time for lunch and a much needed rest.

Tuesday, 30th May, today is the Dragon Boat Festival, held on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month also known as Double Fifth Festival. This is fantastic I can join in the celebrations. I am so lucky too as I get to eat a real delicious Zongzi – traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival. It is different in the different regions, but mine is home-made dumplings.



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