Bruce’s Christmas mini holiday

Welcome back everyone!

Bruce’s human minder had a great time this Christmas exploring London and some exciting places around HighWycombe.

Waddesdon Manor definitely felt Christmasy! Oh Bruce! What did you get up to in the wine cellar?


Never mind that, you soon made up for it in Oxford, the city of culture, visiting the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology.


Marlow was quite a refreshing break but extremely noisy with those pesky seaguls swooping down and snatching bread in mid-air amongst geese and elegant swans.


London on the other hand was just thrilling, travelling in all manner of public transport, the train, the bus and the tube but Bruce spent most of his time hiding in his human’s cosy and safe backpack as he was fearful of getting lost in the huge and bustling capital….. Oxford St., Leicester Square, Chinatown were just too frantic a pace for him and even the British Museum was so crowded with visitors that he finally managed to find refuge in the British Library.


There at last he could come out of his human’s rucksack, explore and stretch his legs a bit in the peace and calm of this vast monument to human knowledge – which reminded him of home at Bucks New Uni.

bb 20


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