Anything we can help you with…?

Starting University, or even just returning after a summer off, can be daunting and you might be thinking “This thing looks simple enough to do, but I don’t know/can’t remember how…”

Not to worry!

Library staff are always ready, able and willing to help – even when we don’t know the answer ourselves, we’ll direct you as best we can to those in the know. Find them on the second floor of the Gateway Building and the first floor of Uxbridge.

Prefer to figure things out yourself or use an online guide? We have those too! Once you get to know Blackboard a little more you’ll find a plethora of information on the Library page. Such as how to guides on using the online library, links to your subject librarian and their contact details, and links to a referencing guide (something that still scares me and I’m a proper grown up librarian!).

Any questions just ask in person, email us ( call (01494 605 107) or tweet (@buckslib) – someone at the end of the line or in front of you will be happy to help 🙂




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