My book is on hold – will it renew?

The short answer to this often asked question is: no.

If someone places a reservation on a book you have out on loan, that book needs to come back into the library by the due date on your record.

If the book does not get returned by the date you were given when you borrowed the book, or the last time it was auto-renewed, you will be fined.

So, what if the hold is fulfilled by someone else?

You can check your account every day and try to renew your book, as someone else may have returned their copy.

We recommend going into your account online, using our self-issue/return machines, or speaking to a member of staff and having every book renewed at the same time so that when the system next automatically renews they will have the same date.

If the book won’t renew it means that book still needs to come back to the library.

Please be considerate with your books and, if you can, return them as promptly as possible.


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