The Bard of Bucks New University Libraries is Back …!


The sun is shining, it’s the start of a new academic year and our resident Bard is back after the summer vacation. So if you are overloaded with information at the moment, finding all the newness a bit much, take a moment out to reflect awhile. Here is Clive’s latest and enjoy every line …

Easy Does It

I seldom go rambling, I much prefer ambling.

To just stand and stare at whatever’s there.

To sit on a wall and do nothing at all.

To hail a duck and to ask, “How’s your luck?”

To not really care if I’m here or I’m there.

To juggle with words as I listen to birds.

To voice my own witticisms and not suffer criticism.

To sing my own song as I dawdle along.

But to dream as I drift is the most precious gift.


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