Art therapy in the library

Do you remember when, as a kid, it would get to the end of term and the teacher had run out of curriculum to show you…ahem, I mean they, in their kindness, let you colour-in or play games on your final day?

Turns out colouring-in is a form of therapy that is used to combat stress – you can even buy colouring books that are specifically designed for this.

So as you come to the end of your studies, either for just the year or your whole degree, maybe take ten minutes out to do some colouring-in – avoid the computer screen and your phone and just concentrate on the pretty patterns.

There are limited copies on the service desk at the Gateway for you to colour in however you like. Alternatively go to this website, print off a colouring page and take a break from revision whenever you need to.

^Rebecca, with thanks to the library team at Portsmouth University for the inspiration


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