Graduation – some things you need to know

Where did the last year go?! Apparently it’s that time again and we’re preparing to say goodbye and wish our students good luck on their way into the world of being a post-graduate.

There are a few things you need to know if you are preparing to leave us, important if you want to receive your certificate when you walk across that stage!

Firstly – do you still have books or any other item on your library record? We need those back please!

Second – have you got a fine that needs paying? In order to get your certificate you will need to clear all bills with the University, which includes any library fines you may have gotten over your time at Bucks. You can pay in person at either library or online through epayments.

And that is that. Once you have returned your books, paid your fines, handed in your final assignment or sat your final exam you are officially able to graduate from Bucks.

We hope you had a great time here, perhaps we’ll see you again the future!

^The Library Team


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