The General Election – use your vote!

Whilst at University you may have voted on some important matters. Who becomes head of the SU, a student rep or a classroom rep is entirely down to you, the student voter.

These elected officials are here to represent your interests at University. On May 7th you will be asked to vote for who represents your interests in the entire World.

In the last general election only 65% of voters had their say at the polling station. We are statistically more likely to vote for the Britain’s Got Talent winner than we are for who runs the country!

Tuition fees, the housing crisis, the environment – all of these and more affect you as a student and beyond. If you want to know what each of the parties say on these matters, take a look at the BBC’s election web pages

If you are registered and can get to a polling station, please use your vote.

If you need British Politics explained, watch this short video from The Clangers


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