National Student Survey – the library needs you!

You’re coming to the end of your studies. The finish line is in sight. You have a ton of work still to complete and very little time to do it. So what does the University want you to do? Fill in a survey!

Of course we all understand how frustrating it is to be asked when you have much better things to be doing – however what you might not know is that it really does help us improve our service and give us a little boost if we are getting things right.

Did you enjoy your time at Bucks? How could it have been improved? The best way to make the University listen is to complete the National Student Survey.

The library only gets one question on the NSS, but in an entirely selfish act I’m going to ask you to complete the NSS if only for that question. We need to know whose resources were sub-standard – you never know you might come back one day!

The library are constantly striving to improve your learning experience – so give Bucks your feedback and they will give you a fiver for your time. But talk to the Student Union about the money – the library just want your answers!



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