Bruce – my big adventure in China

Bruce the Badger reporting from China:

I know I have been quiet recently but I am absolutely fine. In fact I am so thrilled with the wonderful things I have done and seen in the time I have been here that the urge to give you an update is very compelling.

My human minder planned a two-day city break with a visit to the famous Qianshan National Park also referred to as ‘The Northeast Pearl’. Feeling a certain amount of trepidation, I packed my bag and I tagged along to Anshan city – China’s capital of iron and steel, where my human met two friends from university on a catch up visit.

It got off to a great start as with my ticket clutched tightly in my paw, I got the chance to experience my first scenic high speed train journey from my human’s home town of Shenyang to Qianshan National Park. It was a breathtaking 20 minute ride reaching an amazing 305km/h (over 189 mph). My snout was constantly pressed to the window of the train trying to catch a glimpse of the view. Really all I can remember is a blur… but I was quite proud of myself as I didn’t even have time to feel scared.

On Friday it was time to tour the fantastic Qianshan National Park. As cars aren’t allowed anywhere in the park, tourists hire electric carts to reach some of the way up the mountains and then walk the rest on foot, or for more adventurous types like me simply climb the steep paved foot paths to the top which I did on my own (Hmm…really I had to rely on the help of my most lovely human and her friends as it was quite tiring and I needed a quiet sleep from time to time). I found it all quite thrilling being able to see amazing temples, pagodas and shrines. There were many breaks along the way to appreciate the outstanding scenery while leaning over the metal railings … Ooh! we were so high up and all the while being surrounded by masses of fragrant pine trees, some over 100 years old. I distinctly remember a really good cup of tea, long enough to get my breath back – a cosy sit down and rest.

Qianshan National Park was really an incredible experience. My human translated the story of the mountains to me. Legend has it that a long time ago the 4 corners of the sky collapsed and in an attempt to save the earth people, a goddess plugged the holes with huge rocks but one smashed into 1000 peaks covering the forests in the shape of a lotus flower which gives it its name of Thousand Lotus Flower Mountains.

I think I spent 6 hours climbing the mountains that day and after 6 hours of climbing I was truly ready for my bed and sleep after my big adventure.

Time flies so fast. My human minder has just reminded me that I only have a few days left of my stay here in China as her visit with her mum and sisters is coming to an end but there is still time to meet my human’s very best friends from school, one arrived last night from Belgium. I am really looking forward to their visit and to hear their exciting news. They are bound to make a fuss of me too.

Qianshan National Park





Bruce – my first week in China

I have been here in Shenyang a week now and the weather is very hot – a scorching 30 degrees today, Monday 5th June. Not my normal habitat but I am slowly getting used to the life of a jet-setter. My human minder loves it and is having a wonderful time, and so am I, tagging along wherever she goes. I can’t pass up on the chance to explore this huge country, so I sneak in her luggage whenever possible.

That’s how I ended up going to Ningbo with my human minder last Friday just for the weekend. It was even hotter and more humid than her home town. It was a catch up visit for my human minder who organised to meet up with colleagues she used to work with at the university there. It was such a delight to be out and about in a different campus. It felt very familiar territory albeit in a more exotic setting.

The first combined photo gives you a taste of some of the things I got up to in Ningbo. The new canteen at the university where I had lunch, the shopping mall where I had an evening meal and dessert (as well as a very nice, and refreshing ice cream…..), and of course the library.

The second combined photo of my human and her good friends (all ex-colleagues) shows them together smiling and sending greetings to all at Bucks New University Library. The photo came about because all day Saturday I had been making friends with a white toy rabbit (also in the photo) when suddenly I noticed this hat with floppy ears. I convinced my human minder and her friends to be good sports and have a photo shoot with each one wearing it in turn. They happily complied and amid much hilarity and laughter I got them all to say “Cheese”.

I am signing off and hope to have more badgery news for you soon.


Friends in Ningbo - rabbits hats

Bruce – a journey to China

Oh this is so exciting! As promised – a log of my very exotic holiday by Bruce The Badger.

Friday  – Early start from Heathrow – Passport √  Ticket √ Bag √  all set to go.

Short flight to Schiphol airport where I have a chance to stretch my legs by clambering up a fancy porcelain teacup handle – what no tea!

A longer flight to China, definitely time to catch up on much needed sleep zzzzzzzz.

Saturday – Oh, nearly there – Beijing. It’s very humid and warm.  Busy busy, rush rush only enough time for my human to collect luggage and check in for her flight to her hometown Shenyang….. she doesn’t have much spare time to show me around, not even an ice cream! Sorry no time for a photoshoot either.

Here’s a photo of me taken on the flight from Beijing to my human’s hometown of Shenyang in north-east China. It looks a really comfortable and relaxing seat.

Finally I am safely home in Shenyang. Phew! Very warm here, 31 degree and a bit jet lagged. So is my human minder but she’s delighted to be home and reunited with her  family just in time for lunch and a much needed rest.

Tuesday, 30th May, today is the Dragon Boat Festival, held on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month also known as Double Fifth Festival. This is fantastic I can join in the celebrations. I am so lucky too as I get to eat a real delicious Zongzi – traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival. It is different in the different regions, but mine is home-made dumplings.


Bruce in the Land of Fire and Ice

Bruce definitely needed a woolly scarf for his week in chilly Iceland with one of the library humans.


He explored deep inside a glacier at Langjokull – only the humans had to wear crampons. Badgers were exempt!

Bruce pretended to be a Viking while his humans rode Icelandic horses along a lava trail. He then enjoyed a bowl of soup made from geo-thermally grown tomatoes. Amazing what you can grow in Iceland with natural heat from the ground!


The thermal pools and hot springs at Geysir were a bit too hot for Bruce! Ouch! So he cooled down a bit on a mini iceberg at Jokulsarlon  glacial lagoon. That’s more like it!!


Bruce admired Oraefajokull volcano at Hvannadalshnjukur (from a distance, just in case!) and watched Gullfoss waterfall from afar! He didn’t fancy getting too close to this amazingly beautiful and powerful waterfall.


Bruce enjoyed the view of the cheerfully multi-coloured buildings in Reykjavik from the top of the Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral before relaxing with a well-earned Icelandic beer! It’s been a busy week for this badger.


Watch this space … Bruce is off somewhere warmer in a few weeks time!!

Library staff help row 125km

Staff from the Library Team took part in the challenge to row 125km. More than 200 students and staff from the University and Gateway Gym members stretched muscles and pulled on the oars to reach this amazing target. Well done!

This was just one of the many “125 themed” challenges that Bucks New University has been running to commemorate its 125 years milestone.




Statista on trial

We have just entered a trial of one of the world’s leading statistical data resources. The Statista platform provides an innovative, time saving and intuitive tool for researching quantitative data from industry, market and consumer reports all searchable by industries, companies and range of media, business and society topics. Statista also provides clear downloadable infographics for your use.

The trial is open to students and staff on and off campus via Shibboleth. To get to the link go to the Library Organisation in Blackboard and look in the left-hand panel for the Resources on Trial for a Limited Period section.

The trial of this resource ends on 6th April and any feedback should be sent to

Try Out Bloomsbury Fashion Central

The Library is offering staff and students trial on-campus access until 29 April 2017 to the amazing fashion resources of the Berg Fashion Library and the Fashion Photography Archive which make up part of Bloomsbury Fashion Central.

Berg Fashion Library is the authority on world dress and offers a wealth of resources including encyclopedias, seminal writings on fashion, e-books and lesson plans.

The Fashion Photography Archive contains more than 600,000 high quality runway, backstage and street style images which are inspirational to fashion design students.

You can access this fantastic fashion resource on-campus from the Library organisation in Blackboard – Resources on Trial for a Limited Period. Please feedback your comments to Elik Borrill, Subject & Research Librarian,